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English 10th objective : इंग्लिश इंपोर्टेंट क्वेश्चन आंसर 2024

English 10th objective : इंग्लिश इंपोर्टेंट क्वेश्चन आंसर 2024।।

Choose the correct options:

1. Who has written the essay “The Pace for Living”? [2018AJI

(A) Joan Lexau (B) R.C. Hutchinson

(C) Mahadevi Verma

(D) Satyajit Ray R.C. Hutchinson

(A) French

is a… (B) British

(C) Chinese (D) German

‘2.The Pace for (A) drama

Living’ is a/an

(C) essay

(B) story (D) novel

3.The author of the story ‘The Pace novelist.


Living’ enjoyed going in a car at

(A) Ninety miles an hour (B) Eighty miles an hour

(C) Sixty miles an hour

(D) Seventy miles an hour

5. The writer of ‘The Pace for Living’

belongs to the tribe of…….. [2019A1]

(A) Average thinkers (B) Slow thinkers

(C) Fast thinkers

(D) Good thinkers

6. In “The Pace for Living’, R.C.

Hutchinson discusses- [2019AT (A) the happiness of men

(B) the agony of modern man (C) the dilemma of people

(D) None of these

English 10th objective
English 10th objective


 7. In ‘The Pace for Living’, the author

saw a play in-

(A) Denmark (C) Denver


(B) Dublin (D) Delhi

8. How does the writer classify himself as a thinker in ‘The Pace for Living’?

(A) An intelligent thinker [2019C]

(B) A slow thinker

(C) A social thinker (D) None of these

9. The essay ‘The Pace for Living’, caputres the agony of …… [2019C] (A) a modern man (B) a sick man

(C) a police man (D) a postman 10. In the essay ‘The Peace for Living’

the corn merchant is (A) An ambitious man

(B) An anxious man



(C) An adventurous man (D) None of these

English 10th objective

11. In ‘The Pace for Living’ the author saw a [BM]

(A) movie (C) play

(B) dance

(D) football match

12. The corn merchant heart was (B) sound

(A) strong (C) weak (D) fast

13. Who is a slow thinker? (A) The author

(B) The corn merchant

(C) Modern man

(D) The servant

14. Where is Dublin?

(B) In Germany

(A) In Paris

(C) In Irish (D) In London 15. Where did the corn merchant live?

(A) In Russia (B) In Bhutan

(C) In Irish country

(D) In Iraq

16. Corn merchant’s wife was of (A) faithful lady

(B) fantastic nature (C) dull nature(D) clever 17. Corn merchant was a man of

(A) brave (B) strong

(C) sound minded (D) anxieties

18. Who fails to keep up with fast pace of


(A) Modern man

(B) The corn merchant (C) The corn merchant’s nephew

(D) The corn merchant’s wife

19. Corn merchant’s wife had a habit of


(A) five dollar(B) ten dollar

(C) eight dollar (D) six dollar

has become fast.

(A) Sleeping (B) Moving


(C) Walking (D) Travelling 1. Who went to watch a movie along

with his wife? (A) The author

(B) The author’s nephew

(C) Modern man

(D) The author’s uncle

English 10th objective

2. The author admits that quick travel does not give the traveller the real

of travel-

(A) pains (C) living

(B) pleasure (D) holiday


3. We can dine in and have lunch

in New York the next day. (A) Paris

(B) London

(D) Dubai


Which tribe does the author belong to?

(A) Sound minded (B) Handicapped

(C) Slow thinkers

(D) Fast thinkers 25. Who is the main character in this play?

(A) His nephew

(B) His wife (C) The author

(D) Corn merchant

26. Who was cheating the corn merchant?

(A) His nephew (B) His wife (C) His son

(D) His daughter

27. Who didn’t dislike the rapid

movement of life?

(A) Wife of corn merchant (B) Corn merchant

(C) The author

(D) Nephew of corn merchant ?

28. Which word stands for worship (A) Despair (B) Esprit

(C) Escapiert (D) Adore

29. Who saw a play in Dublin? (A) An elederly corn-merchant

(B) The author

(C) The corn merchant’s nephew (D) The corn-merchant’s wife

30. The author of the story ‘The place for

living……….. rapid movement. (A) likes (B) dislikes

(C) hates (D) enjoys

31. According to the author, what are intelligence tests designed to test? (A) Measure the phyiscal speed (B) Measure both physical and

mental speed.

(C) Measure the mental speed

(D) Measure charactor 32. According to the author in which area are slow thinkers handicapped ?

(A) In getting a living (B) In sports

(C) In studies (D) In business

33. In the cinema the writer finds himself

(A) hopeless

(B) fog (C) hopeless fog

(D) hopeful condition 34. The author finds himself in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the

(A) cinema


(B) theatre

(C) dance programme

(D) singing competition

35. R.C. Hutchinson wrote that he watched a play in (2020A1

(A) Chicago

(B) Dublin

(C) Netherlands (D) New York 36. In The Pace for Living


“, the author (2020A)

(A) the agony of modern man

(B) the miseries of ancient people (C) the dilemma of people

(D) the problems of old age 37. Mental activities of our time

tend to 2020A11)

follow the pace of (B) aeroplanes

(A) computers

(C) horses

(D) machines

People now a days think

ancient times.

than 12020A1


(B) faster (D) slower

(A) deeper (C) longer

Slow thinkers are

handicapped in the

business of getting……..(2021BM) (A) a living


(B) wealth

(D) amenities of life 40. Who didn’t dislike

movement of life?

the rapid [2021BM]

(C) respect

(A) com-merchant (B) the author

(C) nephew of com-merchant (D) wife of com-merchant


1. (B) R.C. Hutchinson, 2. (B) British,

3. (C) essay, 4. (A) Ninety miles an hour.5. (B) Slow thinkers, 6. (B) the agony of modern man, 7. (B) Dublin, 8. (B) A slow thinker,

9. (A) a modern man,

10. (B) An anxious man, 11. (C) play. 12. (C) weak, 13. (A) The author,

14. (C) In Irish, 15. (C) In Irish country. 16. (B) fantastic nature,

17. (D) anxieties, 18. (B) The corn merchant, 19. (B) ten dollar, 20. (D) Trav Travelling,

21. (A) The author, 22. (B) pleasure, 23. (B) London,

24. (C) Slow thinkers, 25. (D) Corn merchant, 26. (A) His nephew, 27. (C) The author,

28. (D) Adore, 29. (B) The author, 30. (A) likes, 31. (C) Measure the mental speed, 32. (A) In getting a living,

33. (C) hopeless fog. 34. (A) cinema, 35. (B) Dublin, 36. (A) the agony of modern man. 37. (D) machines,

38. (B) faster, 39. (A) a living. 40. (B) the author


Jon Lexau

1. When the author of ‘Me and Ecology Bit’ went to Mr. Williams, he was

(A) burning fire (B) burning straw



(C) burning forest (D) burning leaves

2. The author of ‘Me and the Ecology

Bit’ used to meet people and create awareness about-

(A) Importance of health (B) Importance of money (C) Importance of ecology

(D) Importance of play

3. ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ is all [2019AII]


(A) Preserving water resources

(B) Preserving environment and ecology (C) Preserving forest resources

(D) Preserving human resources

In the essay ‘Me and The Bit’, the narrator has a


(A) domestic (B) paper

(C) metallic

route. [2019C]


(D) none of these 5. Jon Lexau is the writer of (A) The Pace for Living

[2018C, 2019C]

(B) Acceptance Speech (C) Me and The Ecology Bit

(D) Gillu 6. Which of the following statements is false according to the essay ‘Me and

the Ecology Bit’ ? [2018C] (A) Jim uses paper route to convire the people

(B) Jim gives suggestions on ecology free of cost. (C) Mr. William was not convinced

by Jim.

(D) People easily get convinced Jim.


7. Which animal messes up Ms. Greene’s yard? [2018C] (B) Donkey

(A) Elephant (C) Dog

(D) Monkey 8. Which one is not one of the slogans

in ‘Me and The Ecology Bit’? [BM] (A) Save Earth(B) Save Tree

(C) Save Mountain

(D) Save Water

9. Jim asked Mr. Greene to keep the old

newspapers for the school-going

children, who

(A) burnt (C) read


(B) bought (D) collected

10. Jim told Mr. Johnson that it woul reduce and save ecology if h

did not use his car for travelling t short distances- (A) petrol [2018A

(B) pollution (C) weight (D) diesel

11. Who has written the essay ‘Me an the Ecology Bit’?

(A) Joan Lexau (B) Satyajit Ray

(C) Aung San Suu Kyi (D) Toni Morrison

12. Who was going to the Post office? (B) Johnson

(A) Jim (C) Mr. Greene(D) None of these

Objective question

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